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Raise the World - lyrics

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Firelight is ripping the world
Mankind is sleeping under the stars
Illusions possess our minds
Blinded by lies, we crawl on a velvet ground
We still learn to follow the blind
Now wake up or pay the price
It's the time of the sorrow
We all live in the fear
What will be our tomorrow?
Lost for a million of years
Raise the world
Faster we rise, one with the stars
Brothers unite for all mankind
Into the light, follow the sign
Follow me
From the stars echoes of cosmic light
Resound through the universe
To teach how to break the curse
Voice of God is calling from our very soul
The spirit of Creation
Now wake up and hear the call
-Dying time is here in a scream of light
-Men shout in agony, lost deep inside
--Darkness has come from the space to kill us all
--Reptiles are crawling inside our souls
-No place you can run, we control it all
-Men shout in agony, the last dance has come!!

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