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Return of the Cosmic Men - lyrics

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Sailing away by the light of the day
By the spirit of freedom living on
The unification body and soul
Have taken me on my way back home

Flashing like thunder, the fire, the power
are calling from inside for us all
Cosmic Creation
The final salvation of mankind in the material world
Legions of cosmic men return
Lightning strikes
We are heading for the stars
Shining glory high on me
Hear the sound
It is calling from around
Rising glory set us free
We return from agony
Watch the return of the cosmic men

Since the beginning of times
We are trapped in a cage
A hidden masquerade
Reptiles and liears
Tyrants and masters of lies keep us all under their spell
But when we awake from our sleep
We can find here, so deep inside
all the keys of life

The unification, the final salvation
The return of the glorious unite
One with the universal light
Try to open your eyes
To see your world all around
'Cause we can be free if we try
To rise, to follow the light
Aeons are shining so bright
We're marching on through the stars
So free your soul and your mind
And take your place into the light
Take your place into the light!!

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Return of the Cosmic Men