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Oak And Aspen - lyrics

I close my eyes and hear the stream as it passes
Moments lost to whims of time
Held close by the embrace of aspens
Wrought through with a sorrow I cannot define
I breathe in the autumn air
And lift my face to the sky
All I hear are echoes of despair
As I watch the seasons wither and die
Do the oaks feel this distant pain?
Can the pines offer me relief?
Have the aspens wept with the rain?
Does the forest know this untouchable grief?
Now I wander on forever
Down these oaken halls of sorrow
Seeking solitude in the autumn months
Through days so long and hollow
Fallen leaves pave the path I walk
Barren branches lead the way
Bringing shelter from the sun
And days so far away
The beauty of this forest sings to me
Through words of wind and verse of falling leaves
Its song is one of sorrow and days long past
The time is gone but the memories always last
For all this time I have been searching
For why the skies are grey
All colour lost to time and sorrow
The Sun put out by pain
As autumn leaves keep on dancing
And pay no heed to me
My journey through these wild landscapes
Is all that I have left
I come across a quiet river
That wanders through the trees
I stare into its running waters
And fall onto my knees
In resignation to the forest
That's held me for so long
I close my eyes and drift away
Into nature's evensong

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