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U Drive Me Loca - lyrics

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I've, I've got a secret
you won't believe it.
I tryied to keep it from you. You, you seem so ______,
but not the ______, a
round the corner of _______. Don't be so sure 'cause you never know
when you're the main attraction of the show.
I've got a feeling and I finally _____.
I need to tell you or I'll go insane
Oh, oh, oh you drive me crazy yeah, yeah, yeah make dazzed about you.
You must've had a clue.
Now that you see, con you blame me?
__________________ see our love is true.
I been hung up on you
You drive me loca. ~
Not sure
of when it happened,
just now it happened,
and I'm ______ for your sweet touch,
special feeling,
quite revealing,
______ relation.
So don't waste any more time exploring.
Guaranteed to have you soaring.
Come on over and rock this moment.
I'm ready for you so walk this way.
I want your sweet besos,
tu passion and cuerpo.
I need it, need it,
lo necesito now.
Come on over en este momento.
Hurry over que te siento.
Can you feel it? No puedo respiraaaaaar.
You drive me loca x4 yeeeeeah.

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