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What I Do - lyrics

Oh - man, it's like...
It's beautiful how this all started, you know?
But uh... I'm'a just break this shit down for you real quick
Yeah, check

I'm just spittin', livin', revealin' what I do
Roll with the family every time I step up to venues
I gotta pursue, have deadlines to meet
And gotta finish 'em before the late night creeps
The words I speak over beats never sleep, or never egotistical
Never cliche or stereotypical - from the heart
Whether it's concept or rhyme
I rub it in leave you feeling warm all at the same time
Ash it out on you broads but this ain't Escobar
It's G-baby Gavlyn, Gavlish or Gav-Nasty
Whatever cheesy alias you wanna call me
You get the point, get the picture
Read my lips, catch my drift
Your girl was born with a gift but I'm humble as well
Only five feet tall but rising high as hell
With acrylic nails and a white blouse to match
Reekin' like a weed stash who would have knew
(This is what I do)

Uplift your body and spirit
Bump the beats loud so you could hear it
Sooth your mind every time you hear me rhyme from line to line
Recognize I'm not trying to be the lyrical champion
Just your ordinary MC
Let you know music is what I do and breathe
Anybody bite the steeze foot to the teeth
'Cuz these lyrics are my love and I don't take them lightly

So who's rapping now? Cause nowadays that's the new style
But listen to the rappers that influencing these juveniles
How can this happen to something so true?
But it's been said the ongoing saga continues
Let me preview a little piece of myself
I'm a nicotine feind with needs don't like my weed with seeds
Rather compromise than disagree
Cause I understand the position of your two feet
Forget making enemies, but that's just me
Some cats are difficult - Inch under your senses and enhance your temple
But I'm able to blow your ass back
Cause I'm not tryna be skimpy in these raps
Perhaps, you should take a second while the record's spinning
What is it that you're saying? Are your beats just banging?
Well, whatever it is I give you the biz', influence these kids
To get your hands up to some real Hip-Hop shit
(Jump up)

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