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Why Dont You Do Right - lyrics

Why don't you do right?
Like some other men do
Get out of here
Get me some money too

See, I got these dudes callin' me every damn day
Even if they married, got a family, the whole shi-bang
They still come my way, and they like to buy me shit
Thinkin' i'mma take you serious, come on now, dick
I don't get aroused by cheating and a fatherless kid
You're as faithful as it is, i'mma play with your mind
Let you think your ??? is gonna get you some alone time
That ain't gonna happen soon cause by noon
I'm on your last buck, and you're prayin for luck, for my trust
But it's a must that I turn you down
You're persistent, you like to stick around
I like to use you and still treat you like a clown cause you're no good
Thinkin' i'mma give in to those lies
And those pretty eyes but you still crooked on the side
So go get me some dough, cause yo, I'm runnin' low
Just leave it on the table and walk out the front door

I fuck with his head if he tries to fuck with mine
Alot of cats is tryna' play me, this shit is gettin' outta line
Thinkin' I'm clueless of what you're tryna' pursue
I can tell by the topics that you choose
Slidin' me drinks, hopin' i'mma get loose
But the only thing I'm lost on, is your sorry ass game
Although, not every man is the same
But for some damn reason I'm a magnet for these lames
They have no motivation, this scumbag type
Thinkin' they slick in conversation, only lookin' to pipe
But dude, I'm alright, I know you kinda' don't think you'll ever find
The time to let you into some o' mine... and that's it
No point in taking this further, "no" is the answer
Should've realized as soon ???
Hell nah, you'll never get my number
You got alot of nerve just thinkin' I would touch ya

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