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Epilogue: The Final Entry (Storm Version) - lyrics


"Dearest Susanne,

My Susanne!
You of the most gentlest, sweetest heart
that ever beat within a living being! I am too late:
your spirit has already departed Earth.
Today, with my heart weary and broken,
I unite your letters with mine
between the pages of your diary.
I write this final entry
to thank you for giving me little Michiel;
he is everything a father could wish for.
You shall live on through him.
I shall treasure him always,
as I treasure your memory.
Goodbye, my sweet Susanne.

Yours always, until the end of days,
- Joseph"

I see his starry eyes
he heals my broken heart
through him
you'll always be by my side

I hear you call my name
it fades to silence when I wake
a moment lost in time

and now the moment's gone
and now the moment's gone
but the memory lives on
your memory... lives on...

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