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Smile - lyrics


You're my shoulder, to cry on
the one, I rely on
you're the reason for my smile
'cause you go that extra mile

I got this feeling in my heart
you're beautiful for sure
inside and out
from your head to the floor
you're all over perfection
your eyes are like weapon
they shot me
down, down, down, down
love knocked me
out, out, out
you fixed me like a band aid, girl
swear you never leave me

you pick me up when I'm down
every hug turns a frown
nothing else matters now

you got that smile
etched on my heart like a tattoo
you got that smile
happines when I'm down and blue
you got that smile
that I treasure
oh, 'cause you make me smile
smile, smile, smile

'cause that's why I love to love
you, why I love to love
you, why I love to love

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