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Dead outlaw gunslinger stalkin thru the streets
If my neighbors all say i'm a mean-eyed freak
Then that's just what i'll be
Got skeletons in my backyard all hangin from the trees
My house is dark if you step inside
You might think it's halloween
Black guitar slingin dog at the front of the show
If i gotta hang by the neck just to get you off
Then come on show me the rope
I ain't afraid to spit in the wind
I always gotta do or die
You say i don't fit your rock n roll
Well funny thing, i never tried
Dead outlaw
Born my mother's only son
Dead outlaw
Always on the run
I don't care what you say i gotta do
Ain't gonna change my ways to fit your rules
Shoot ya straight from the black of my heart
Shoot ya straight from the black of my heart
Thirty four years and countin it's always been my way
I got a taste for darkness and i'll let you know
That you ain't been the first to say
I got a strange way of spendin my time the way i wanna be
Hangin round with the walkin dead
Cuz the livin ain't down with me

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Life After Sundown