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Werewolves On Wheels - lyrics

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Listen up baby
We got something you should know
There's a riot in the streets
And you are in the show
Just tighten up yer jaw
And thicken up yer hide
Cuz these rebel outlaws
Gonna show you how to ride!
1978 in the year of our lord
We is rebel trash you know
It was a time for feelin right
That's when we come out to ride
The smell of blood be our guide
Let's creepy crawl through broken jaws
Roll them bones out on the lawn
Show them all how it feels
To shake the urge we have to kill
We'll show them all
Werewolves on wheels
Round the pit
Werewolves howl and sing
High on flesh suckin moonshine gasoline
Fire our guns cuz we're proud of bein thugs
There's nothin like a fine-tuned machine
Watch the leather on our backs
Burnin down the road
We're on the hunt for another overload
Tnt like a stick of dynamite
Who gives a damn if we come out alive

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