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The Other Side, Part II - lyrics

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Kick it, quit it [x4] home
Told him, kick it, quit it [x3], can't go home
I know when they told me, kick it, quit it [x3], can't go home
Feeling so much worse now, kick it, quit it [x3], gotta go home
Yeah, my friends say "stop"
Told myself a 100 times I'm going stop
Yeah, my friends say "quit it"
They don't know how many times I've said I gotta quit it
Then I say "tomorrow" [x14] hey, I'm going to stop
Yes, in the morning I'm gonna go home
Need a little bit of love in the morning, love in the morning
Somebody help me get over this thing
Got to go home
Feel like I could start all over at home
Make myself a brand new life at home
First I gotta face them down, say "kick it, quit it" [x4] home
Yeah, I'm gonna say "kick it, quit it" [x2] get back home
Yeah, I hear 'em say "kick it, quit it" [x2] can't get home
Always on my mind say "kick it, quit it" [x2] can't go home

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