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Ill Wait For You - lyrics

We can make this just the two of us,
Allow the world allow the crowds and all the fuss,
I'll wait for you just like you taught me to.
Lets take it outside,
I couldn't bring myself to dance with you last time,
Whisper all these things right in my ear,
Lets get a car any car away from here.
Maybe we can hold hands,
Follow me and we can walk to the white sands,
I never thought you would choose a guy like me,
I'm not keen not mean not much to see
Follow me for four years,
And live a life full of love full of no tears,
Perhaps together, yeah, we can buy a car,
Drive until it's dark
Walk with me outside,
Tell me that it's all lies,
Tell me that your all mine,
I never Knew, how it feels to ruin everything going for you.
I'm out of space, out of time. I'm not alright.

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