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Rapturous Grief - lyrics

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Dead with pride
Hopelessness behind... I ascent
Feeble minds
Regret in their eyes... They repent
Inner horizon
I glorify my death in peaceful solitude
Obscure concept of blissful imagery
Rapturous Grief
AS my soul rises Transparency, I reach...
Far from this world, I’ll be
Lost within darkness
Timeless dormancy is
Where now I shall dwell
Cast beyond mortals
The faceless ones, I meet
The faceless ones are cleansing me
Grotesque earthly love behind
I leave the sun behind
Splendid fluid transparency ashore
Within darkness, I dwell
The carnal state, I escape
Life is now a part of past extracted from me
The carnal state I forsake
Death is now a part that
Last longer than life and its misery
Mindless soul
Pure consciousness
My internal dream was my eternal fear
[repeat 1st verse]

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