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With Their Flesh, He'll Create - lyrics

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God itself, for him has always been
A stupid, grotesque person worthless to believe in
With the help of his sick morbidous studies
He denied god's existence with demented theories
He can revive, immortalize
The coldest flesh now dead for a while
Limbs of those forgotten
Structures his creation
Which now awaits
The ominous resurrection
[Lead: Marcoux]
The light of life, through his syringe glows
Soon, in the veins, the soul will flow
Injections in a body once deceased... Re-animates
The flesh-made puzzle soon will start to breathe
Removing stiffness in every limb
Metabolism of life has started from within
[Lead: Lemay]
Terrified, he beholds
The rise of his creation
Guided by an artificial soul
Zombified, uncontrolled
With their flesh, he'll create...
With their flesh, he'll create...
Remnants of the dead
Structured his creation
Which has failed
The ominous resurrection

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