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Fighting and killing is all that I know
Monsters and men dying in rows
All I can see is dark prophecy
Maddening darkness fills my destiny
Black broken bodies all burned to the core
Satan's rule passing dark magic galore
The clock ticks slowly time passes by
Swords fall swiftly ending your life
As you burn in flames
Death calls out your name
Into hell you ride
At dawn you die
Tortured to death beyond recognition
Mercy to the weak has no definition
Lost in the shadows, hours before the sun
The end is near your soul is on the run
High priest of hell screaming with fury
Lord of the underworld calls out your name
Chariot driven nightmares ride side by side
Taking your life is just a game
As you burn in flames.....
Die my enemies as I raise my sword of steel
Your blood fills my hands
As it drips onto the land
Lord of the world I have arrived
Fear creeps up your spine
By my sword you will die
As you burn in flames.....

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Kingdom Of The Knights