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Just listen to the ground
Surprise you might find deep in the ground
Legend claims a man lives deep inside the Earth
All alone, hidden from the world above
Built a city from a furnace of steel
Endless maze of catacombs
Crafting new machines
Legions of robotic drones
One day to protect him
To help him rule
Once hired, a protégé to cure the air from poison
Mad scientist outcast and rejected
Victim of sabotage, blinded greed
Experiment terribly gone wrong
Flood the world with CO2
Laughing now, his rise for sure
Evil grin across his face
Hidden from the sun
Never to warm this place
The Earth sinks, people fall
In darkness, caves of stone and steel
With quiet rage, his time has now come
With fear and vengeful heart
To rule as king

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Reflections from the Other Side