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On a cold winter day, up far to the north
At a town called Sleepy Hollow
Where the trees feel like they're watching you
There's a story to tell about this place.
An evil so great it came to life,
A demon reborn cursed for all time
Fallen warrior on a path of war
Bringing heads to the doorstep of hell
Soul stealer, a demon walks the earth
Summoned by the vengeance in his heart
Nightrider, a horseman dressed in black
A knight gone totally mad
Straight out of the dark, he charges into sight
Hellfire from his sword, held high burning bright
With one swift stroke it all comes to an end
On a path of blood he searches for a head
No one can survive make it past the bridge
All you hear are the screams
Fallen warrior risen from the grave
Reunited with daredevil again
Fast and furious, losing all control
Thunderous hooves of steel breaking up the earth
Jack o'lantern has been shot into the air
From this night on man and child beware

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Up from the Ashes