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If I am lost for a hundred years
Wandering these desert lands
And all I see is wild and sear
My flesh creeps as one I stand
Gone forever - My will to succeed
It will come back never - I am the anti-me
So drowned in darkness
I live my coldest dream
My vim is lifeless
All the chances low-end
Now I know I'm not alone
In the end we'll break the chains
We'll roam the Earth, tear it down
To cure it from the human plague
All our hate boiling here
Will soon be bursting forth
All we need is to be strong
Attack all enemies with full force
There's no mercy from their sight
A pile of worms I see
Everything burnt to the ground
The world ceases to exists.
Think in silence and let yourself go
And the light will come upon your thoughts
Then rush in silence and let yourself be
The light will come upon your dreams

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