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Spirit of Nature - lyrics

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A green paradise so savage like wolves
So pure like rain, so damned like hell
The endless peace of my mountains
Are disappearing by the tyranny of the machines
And the whispers of the waters of my rivers
Are flowing with death and turning into black
My species always fought for the greatness of nature
Lived in peace embraced by her
Sheltering us, protecting her
Growing under mighty rain
Fearless knowledge enlightened soul
And now she's crying
And I can't do anything
My world is falling into a deep darkness
Now the wind blows rotten air
The river flows with dead fishes
Blood flows from decapitated trees
Birds die before reaching the ground
Mysteries and legendary stories of my valleys are corrupted with smoke
My world is falling into a deep darkness
Now the rain can't wash the filth away
And the ashes of the evil that men do
And the wind takes the only essence of my forest
That fire left behind
Sadness, impotence
A landscape covered by tears
A living tomb of desolation
A kingdom destroyed and ruined

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