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Natural Born Thrillers - lyrics

We lie awake and stare into the stars
I pray the truth finds where you are
These open notes will break your bones if you keep on talkin'
This is the price you pay for living life this way
Our hearts will never change so keep on walking
I've come too far to give this away
Breathe in, stand tall
Nights like these are inevitable
I have everything to gain, and nothing to lose
This time it's all on the line
We take ourselves for who we are and accept all that we've become
We have begun
I will thrive on the words you've spoken
To reconnect every line you've broken
This is emotion, and our hearts beat with devotion
As we make our stance in this slight chance
We're never backing down
Bring me down, I've never felt prouder
I have found, a crowd so much louder
We sing out of passion for our satisfaction
Don't need a reaction to make us feel alive
Make a sound, we're all growing fonder
I'll be home, it won't be much longer now
Breathe in, stand tall. Nights like these are inevitable

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