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Whiners Get Shiners - lyrics

Take a step back, baby I can take it
and with a little courage I'm sure that I could fake this
as good as you once did, as good as you once did
They say that I just may break into something that I hate
Why can't you just believe in the things that I've been dreaming of?
This song is for all the conversations I've been afraid to start
Words that, despite their lack of volume, still come from the heart
Rise up, rebuild this broken scene
We'll own the night if we believe
the streets will never be the same
I'd prove you wrong if you could see
You held the world upon your finger tips to let it slip away
These streets will never be the same
I'm sorry I will not change
This is the choice that I've made
And now that I'm on my own
Your words they will help me grow
Into a world where I will stand and face it all as just one man
It seems that I have come to be everything you wanted from me
I am not a messenger for anything but the truth
I am here because I want to be, and so should you
Tonight is a fight for my life and I'll make all this right if it kills me
Here's a toast to the host who would trash me the most
Well I hope that you're ready to begin
You turned your back against us all
We pushed your face against the wall
Are you still in control?
So keep your tongue inside your cheek, and know my heart's not yours to keep
It's time you let this go

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