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I'm moving gently tender steps
I'm pulling weight upon my back
And I can see it's not much longer 'til
This weight becomes a burden making me stand still
And I can see another light on
Moving faster through this room
And I am waiting for your company
You say I'm not alone, well better let me see
You are what I dream
I'm breathing you, you're breathing me
It's better now that I can see
You breathing honesty
A conversation had
A void of silence grew
An overbearing aching in my heart led me to
Speak out my words, I trembled wishing that I knew
And it was worth the silence worth the tears
That brought me here now to face these fears
Now I'm stronger, so are you
Here at this place we?ve gotten to
You are what I dream
It's better now that I can see
You breathe honesty

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