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Vengeance Is Mine - lyrics

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O' power of the night grant me strength
As I thrive on my last breath
To follow the fallen star of the morning
Useless I've been wandering in crystal snow
Oh, my weakened body is hurting
As I try to control myself
Soon the answer lies in front of me
Swept in crimson red
I'm confused
Wandering all alone
There's no use to find my home
They took it all away
Burned it all to the ground
But now it's my time
Vengeance is mine
As a wolf I've been hunting for flesh
Blood drips from my fatal wounds
But I know I can't rest
Until they lie dead in front of me
Still the search goes on
I can smell them all around
The sweet taste of blood
I will find my peace with axe and sword
O' power of the night granted my strength
Now I am at one with myself
I won the battle with my own hands
A battle that granted me immortality
Now I must move on
Seek shelter in the land beyond
Before I hail my land goodbye
Remember to walk tall, with axe and sword

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