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Valkyrie Of Sorrow - lyrics

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Down on this earth a battle began,
A battle only few survived.
The fallen divided into two.
The Valkyrie of sorrow decides.
Our fate in the hands of the Valkyrie of sorrow.
We gave our lives, our spirits sent to the sky.
We arrive at the gates of Valhalla.
We are greeted by Odin and his men.
On the battlefield,
The end is near, full of fear
Rain is falling, darkness descends.
Bodies falling, we're low on men.
The Valkyrie rides onto the field,
To select her fallen men.
Above the clouds in the sky, watching the battle.
On the grounds below, scouting the men worthy to grace Valhalla.
Galloping through the plains selecting her prey,
Unwanted left for the goddess Freya!
I feel the pain of death, and take this unwanted last breath.
I'm walking through the gates, of Valhalla.
To begin my new life, and prepare for the events of Ragnarok!

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