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hej look at that, oh my god
this is a UFO hej
I can identify that i c i t i c i t
come one you're so funky
you're so funky hi hi hi
gimmi the funk
take me backstage
gimme the funk
come on youre so funky
take me to bed, take me to bed
take me to bed, I wanna sweat
take me to bed come on
take me to bed come on
cause if you don't if you don't
its too bad
make me sweat
no ffrankie we dont need no conversation
we've get the language of the dance
so try to keep your mouth from
coming open
and give your body, get your body
get your body get the get, get get get get
get your body get get get
oh frankie frankie ontop the bed
I came to dance and nothing more
make me sweat suddenkly easy appears
wie heißt du? das ist abern
schöner name
du spinnst ja
id like to bite you
instead I kiss you
I throw you got
but then I miss you
I know youre somewhere in LA
but this is oh my god
its too far away right now
I've been around I've known your type
when I geht yours then its good night
I'd like to see you in the sewers of my mind
I came to dance and nothing more
I came to dance, so get your body out onto the floor
oh frankie frankie I came to dance and nothing more
come on like the world is up from nina got some
wisdom for your brain
like signor and signorina got to make it
very plain like the globe is my arena
but its pouring acid rain,
if the earth dont get me greener,
we will will be down the drain

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