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Barbed Wire - lyrics

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What makes me feel so good
Is that everthing's the way it should be
Freedom, true love, new love, do love, love making love, right back to you
Now don't be blue, just try to be true
True to yourself, 'cause you're so smart
And we all know what drove us apart was all that...
Barbed wire all around your heart (x3)
You said you're changing your telephone number
If I don't stop calling you, you don't wanna hear
You want me out of your life forever
Well I think that's great, now I'll have to learn to love you
Like I love God, like other ones that I've loved
You must not fear, but I'm always here, and now it's clear
You don't want me, you want your anonymous programs
Barbed wire around your heart
Barbed wire all around your heart (x3)
The Rude Boy loves the Rude Girl then leaves her crying for more,
Just rapes her and makes her feel like a whore
First ecstasy and unity then misery and cruelty
But look who's having problems with the program
A.A., once an addict, always verdict
Evil brainwash therapy for alcoholics
They go there ever day and make the good thing go away
They keep up their sobriety for that's what they make them fear
But Jesus is no part of it, Bill kicked him off the program
Babaji you don't really seek, you think he's just a geek
You hate me now with all your guts
You think I'm the one who was nuts
Well wait and see and go, go on with your program
You think I'm evil and bad, but I'm only human
My love for you complete is great, you think it's an obsession
You really are my sweetest treasure,
But I will not enter your evil paradise, don't worry! You've got...
Barbed wire all around your heart
Barbed wire all around your heart
Barbed wire around your heart
Barbed wire all around your heart

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