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Adult Education - lyrics

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Adult, adult, adult
It's afternoon in the homeroom
and they're about to let you go
And the locker slam on
the plan you had tonight
You've been messing around with a
boyfriend maybe better left alone
There's a wise guy that you
know could put you right
In the lot the boy that's idling by
doesn't rev your heart
Cause it's only lonely spots
he shares with you
And the long halls and the gray walls
are gonna split apart
Believe it or not there's
life after high school
And that's why
The student body's got a bad reputation
(oh yeah, oh yeah)
What they need is adult education
Back to school it's a bad situation
(oh yeah, oh yeah)
But what you want is an adult education
Oh yeah
The teacher don't know about
how to deal with the student body
And the underclassmen are
flashing hot and cool
All your girlfriends care about
the watch you wear and
they're talkin' about it
Believe it or not there's
life after high school
Oh yeah
They're calling it a preparation
You're waiting for a separation
You're nothing but another odd number
Memories that you won't remember
So you got a little education
And a lot of dedication
But you want a little night school
Maybe some of it will rub off on you
The boys are busy in the mirrors
Trying to imitate their heroes
You make it with a false surrender
More memories you won't remember
The senior with the junior miss's
I wonder what the junior wishes
That she could graduate to adult
That she could graduate to adult kisses
Adult education
Adult education
(Adult education)
It's a bad situation
(Adult education)
Adult, adult
Adult (educa- education)
(repeat to fade)

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