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The issue on the table: a petition from a Quaker delegation in Philadelphia calling on Congress to end the African slave trade and abolish slavery, in all its forms. If this comes to a vote in Congress, what is the White House's position? Secretary Jefferson, you first. Tread lightly

The constitution clearly states
That the states have to wait
Until eighteen-oh-eight to debate


That's the price we paid
For the southern states to participate
In our little independence escapade
We made concessions to the the south to make them less afraid
You take away our property? Secession talk will escalate
But for a second let us say that we can legislate
Unanimous emancipation, freedom reigns, and yes, it's great
We cannot cure prejudice or righteous, desperate hate
So back to Africa or do they get a separate state?
It's a sin, it's growing like a cancer
But we can't address the question if we do not have an answer

Is it my turn? Good
Plantation states are packed with promise makers
Do you realize the precious time these legislators wasted?
Institutionalizing slavery only multiplied our troubles
Wait till the 1800's, and their population doubles
You all know
This is the stain on our soul and democracy
A land of the free? No, it's not, it's hypocrisy
To subjugate, dehumanize a race, call 'em property
And say that we are powerless to stop it, can you not foresee?
Sir, even you, have hundreds of slaves
Whose descendants will curse our names when we're safe in our graves
How will the south find labor for its business?
How will Thomas Jefferson find his next mistress?

How dare you

Yet still, people follow like lemmings
All your hemming and hewing, while you're hee-hawing with Sally Hemings

That's enough

Hamilton, if we support emancipation
Every single slave owner will demand compensation
And as for slandering Jefferson with talk of mistresses
Do you really wanna-

Do you really wanna have that conversation?


I've heard enough, gentlemen. You can go. Slavery's too volatile an issue. We won't get through it

Sir, we'll keep it off your desk

Good, do it

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