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Crusher - lyrics

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One two three four!
If you can´t hold you won, don´t point
your fucking finger at me!
Cough, spit, scream, HATRED,,
all inclusive, and yes,
it´s a question
of class and experience
consider yourself dismissed.
Lesson A: This lifestyle is
not for sale.
Five it up, again, and again.
And that´s how we do it!
To crush
You must love.
No false pride
No fashion
No fake set of values
A primal force-to completely absorb.
Transforming, serpent-like.
Infernal and true
Lesson B: Imitation equals failure
Surrender to this-
and that´s how we do it!
To crush
You must love.
Character grows from pain.
Sealed and approved!
And the strength to overcome-
Trial by fire!
No slackness.
No wasted chase.
This is the discipline
To crush
You must love.

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