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Far from the god's light
Trapped down in shame
A freezing howling
Will spell my name
A sin unraveled
A bloody trail
An act of vengeance
Will be my tale
From Angrboda's
And Loki's sin
I came to Asgaard
First of my kin
They raised a servant
Their friend in mind
But time would show them
A darker kind
I bring night to where the sun will be
I bring storms to those that do defy me
I bring fangs to man when I strike and
I bring death to friend and foe alike
I curse your name
Entwined in chains
And I'll be the one
That brings flames
Twice chains were lost
Gleipnir's my cost
Tyr's wrath is mine
For all of time
Bound down in shame
I curse your name
Odin, face your crime
Hate and blood of foe, that is my call
Grow my strength and fury once and for all
When I break free from dwarven steel
I will end the world's eternal wheel
Sing my forlorn song across the battlefield
Now know my name, I'll be the Aesir's bane
Fenrirs will rise, although bound thrice
And I shall bring god's demise
Odin will fall, once and for all
And Vidar will end my final fall

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