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Aristotle's Denial - lyrics

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We've played a fool so many times
We've been lambasted and thrown to the lions
We've been to school for all of our crimes
So we deny... (So we deny...)
Stars when you shine, know how we feel
Rounding precisely in fractals surreal
Stars when you dream ends to a mean
Columned between... (Columned between...)
Wound in a spring, caught in a lie
Moses might plan things so he wouldn’t die
Bound by a steer starboard to port
Why wouldn't I... (Why wouldn't I... )
Why wouldn't I, then, deny? (Duh...)
Oh, what a beautiful vision in time
With a meaningful range of expression in rhyme
Infinitesimal strangers on wings of a plane
Flying narwhal's adventure in standing refrain
I’m not a man you see, I just repeat for free
("Sorry, not sorry," wrote Plato's apology)
Tilly & Wall shot a goal, Tally Hall saved it
(Conjuring callow philosopher Socrates)
"I did not do it," claimed hemlock Bartholomew
(Stromboli puppetry, have a cigar)
Causing effects from a masterpiece point of view
(Señor Freud, you remember, guitars are guitars)
Oh, what a moving expansion of space
With a meaningful range of repression in grace

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