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Daylight Robbery - lyrics

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Don't mind me,
Just cruising by,
by the girl with the balloon,
Good it looks like we're the only ones around,
Caught on CCTV,
Heading towards the city lights,
winking diamonds at me,
arms stretched out now,
Ha-oooooooooo, it gets me everytime
Sexy baby,
Happiness and silhouettes,
revolving in the deep water,
indigo its high tide,
night sky,
Pleasure moment,
thinking big
thinking positive
and itching to get on with it,
its all stops out
excess is the new moderation
get all dressed up to the power of ten
raise glasses on repeat,
again, again, again, again, again, again
ha-ooooo it gets me everytime
oh, wade in the sonic joy,
Pleasure in the wave and synchronise,
sway in the sonic joy,
ha-oooooo it gets me everytime
everytime, it gets me right here

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