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Enough Embellishment - lyrics

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Spoiled lazy, bored belligerent
a litany of sycophants
revel in embellishment
and no, I ain't living in the dark no more
why live in periphery of war
to circumvent the pending call?
Can you hear us call?
we are crawling right beneath you all
Boycott the lost sheep
abandon the scrap heap
bring that shit in
Leave your shells and fill the streets
find your feet and learn to speak
the time is now, answer the call
for honesty eludes us, each and all
if you want change then change yourself
rebel against the cards your dealt, haha
if you want peace don’t stand defeated ah
don’t be one to not learn the world
if you want change then change yourself
don’t be the one to rot on the shelf
if you want peace inhale the bitter shot, exhale the bullshit
Hellions, we never call it quits

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