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Firmament - lyrics

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Temporary, liberation floods the evening sky
I never wanted to die, I wanted to come
close enough to survive
Connoisseur of the gaping void
widening it seems, in the absence of joy
the masochist unmasked,
no future, no past
I guess it’s these things at the end of the day
that expose my weakness and show my age
the mind was something that I refused to waste
Just stop counting the hours of sleep
and meals in a day, grow frail and weak
I martyred myself alone
it echoes through my bones
What happens to this, happens to me
if it were to burn out young, wild and free
it’s not about what I know, but what I believe
I believe in good will, I believe in me
So sing, smile, dance - fall in love, take a chance
just believe that there is more than this; a much higher plan
True duality is governed by this very sound
unblemished clarity is yours and its calling out

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