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it wasn't just embezzlement, you thieving witch, you don't know the half of it.
we've been in and out of near destitution,
terrified and disillusioned.
all of this on your wretched hands, you tore apart a family man.
so he took a drink and then the drink took him.
and its been this way nearly each night since.
incredulous, track back, cheques bounce, façade cracks, we will fall apart, you open your scars.
lost in the dark, we fall you'll soon beg to be set free and see.
my family stand tall with me.
but you'll never get that chance.
this is all that you have left, how could you laugh as you watched us all fall apart?
two children lost in the dark.
the robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief, scratch and claw, through tooth and nail, but you will never take integrity from me.
I earned to listen and I listened well.
to a steady slew of trivial pleasures, with nothing left to kindle the blood.
but a sordid tryst, a yielding to lust you fucked it up, so back to back, you cover your tracks, but remember when you cant hide from us.
hither at the end of the river.
lave in the burning shambles, perceived as fools, you played us all, you answer to the coven call, you're hand in hand amidst the ghouls.
I hope you hear this in your sleep.
when in your dreams you cannot breath.
you'll look up and you'll see me.
taking back the youth that you stole from me .
my fathers hands used to shake.

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