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Hellions (Feat. JJ Peters & Real Bad) - lyrics

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You may be held on a pedestal by few
but the wolves will circle perpetually below you
okay so don’t look down, no don’t you fall
from that high horse looking down upon us all
because a weary step misplaced
could determine your fate
a non-linear, brand new nadir
in a demographic consumed by fear
it’s my kith and kin, my hearth and home
you gonna tell me now that i don’t belong? na
No one can say what we don’t deserve
and no one can say what we’ve yet to earn
i know that this belongs to the young at heart
and this is your catharsis as much as ours
but you can’t both innovate and play it safe
i’d sooner fold and leave than assimilate
in a non-linear, nacent nadir
we’re the the one’s for you to fucking fear.
Let’s see how tall your motherfucking pedestal stands
when we tear it down piece by piece
with our bare fucking hands
real recognise real, we see straight through you
stood the test of time, never changed, paid our dues fool
So when you say you're real,
yo i can’t believe it
‘cause when we say we’re real
you know we really mean it
so when we say you’re fake, you a’int gonna say nothing
we see your poker face but a’int none of us bluffing

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Hellions lyrics