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Nottingham - lyrics

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A part of me, apart from me’
I’d be splitting hairs if presented with
a basis to compare to thee
and then you’ll give me the third degree
about a stranger you thought had made a pass at me
and so my single decree will soon transpire to be
just for you to fade and finally relinquish me

if you love me so, then let me go
if you love me so, then know i’ve

Gone to great lengths to pay my due diligence
sacrifice to the point of cardiac impoverishment
but i've been a fool for few lesser things
and i guess it's all to soon to have learned anything
fade and relinquish me
you’re not who you could be

Appreciate this for what it is
don't condemn it for what it's not
but if what it is isn't much
then you've got to find a way
to mitigate what you've got.
you're my sunrise, sunset
and all that’s in between
that carnal voraciousness
makes dawn and dusk your falling knees
on the residual sides, i cast the die

I was always blind
there was no mutual lens
just endorphins forced with Ritalin
my pretence was sweet, then it rotted my teeth
it started with sialorrhea, now it’s killing me
i had to lie;
to say “i understand and it’s fine”
you’re not supposed to keep score
you can’t win every time
so fuck off with that shit
i can’t change my past to suit this
and i wouldn’t be with you, without it
your belligerent tick.

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