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Polyphasic Sleep: I) Aurora - lyrics

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all that you retrieve my prolong our reprieve.
but the of letting go still scares the shit out of me.
I'll always hoard inconsequential things, I'm a glutton for the penance, I've retained all the apathy.
I covet nostalgia and the hurt it.
bring it back to me, just bring it back now.
so I've given small hours to soliloquy.
I can never seem to sleep, but only contemplate madly.
to antagonize that hurt in me.
antagonize it all, and I start to crawl.
you have been my friend, through all of this, and to me that alone is a tremendous thing.
hear our Indian summer sing.
we are incandescent on the eaves.
has it been so long since that sweet chariot swung so ow overhead.
and took each of our breaths.
with no penance there's no dept, I'd missed the teeth that fit my old wounds.
I know I need to let it go, I just can't forget it, and I drowned in the amphetamine monsoon, some years had passed before I came to see, I was blinded by the lies, I just can't forget it .
that those bite marks, they fit my own teeth, so what of my friend?
alone and confined to a hospital bed.
reticent, sacrosanct, we will all go along, and if you leave us so, then you have done us so wrong.
just keep on, I will edify, all who stuck by our side, faces illumined by a new, and surreal sunlight, death took precedence over faith in old dreams, the more I give away, the more delighted I became .
I will bring you light and I'll endure the burn, unashamed, reach out ear me now.
our voices ring out the same.

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