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Bone Crusher - lyrics

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Whirlpools of bedlam
Incessant rampage
Magnificent disorder
Onslaught engaged
Maelstrom of force
The system is purged
The frail are discarded
Consumed by the surge.
Resistance is futile
Once the path has been cleared
The tread of destruction
Leaves them battered and smeared.
Bone Crusher!!!! - Watch the blood flow
Bone Crusher!!!! – Who can take the blow?
Bone Crusher!!!! – How much can you take?
Bone Crusher!!!! – Until the bones break.
Eruption of turmoil
In the halo of hell
Legion of carnage
Awaits the death knell
Congregation of chaos
Pulverizing in mass
Vortex of fury
Deep, dark and vast
Convulsions and spasms conquer the throng
Wreckage dispersed like a ravaging bomb
Dissident hordes cut through concrete and steel
Unyielding power that just can’t be real
Frenzied and rabid - They recoil and strike
Regiment of unrest - Violence to incite
Tumultuous uproar - Tranquility destroyed

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