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I Don't know where to start, I wanna follow my heart
But the voices in my head keep saying don't do it
A burning passion in my soul, a fear that leaves me cold
I see the open door but I'm afraid to go trough it
I don't know what's on the other side
But I do know I have to decide
Is this the dream I had in the beginning
Do I dare to lose with such a faint hope of winning
Can I run the race, without losing face
Can I take the strain, can I stand the pain
Can I play the game, and stay the same
This just the beginning
So give me five guys who can rock, who don't know how to stop
Send them ten times round the block just to add a little mystery
Give me radio with balls, someone to help us fill the halls
And we can grab ourselves a piece of Rock & Roll history
Fate and destiny have been guided
We're going in, it's all been decided
This is the dream I had from the beginning
I'll bet it all and only think of winning
I can run this race, I'm not afraid of losing face
I can take the strain, I'll live trough the pain
I'm gonna play the game, even if I'm not the same
This is just the beginning

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Blood On The Highway (The Ken Hensley Story - When Too Many Dreams Come True)

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