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The Luxury of Lonliness - lyrics

I'm up and down again
I'm losing all my friends
But it's alright
I'm forcing her to leave
And she's the better half of me
But it's alright
I miss the both of you
So much that I can't move
But it's alright
If you give me a little time
To straighten out my mind
Things will be all right, all right
I want to thank you for our talk
Holding hands while we walked
You made me feel alright
And I wonder how you feel
If it's really no big deal
Is it alright?
You said there's nothing for you to say
It would have happened either way
So it's alright
I think the worst part of it all
You don't know how beautiful you are
And that isn't alright
Honney, I know you're hurt
Even if you don't put it into words
I want you to be alright, alright
Now I'm scared of this world
And falling for another girl
But it's alright
This bed gets so damn cold
I hate sleeping here alone
But it's alright
This feeling is well deserved
I've been owed all this hurt
And its alright
If you give me a little time
Ill straighten out my mind
Things will be alright, alright

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