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The Blend - lyrics

Got subjects locked in my cerebral cortex
On Ampex tape I'm circulating like a vortex
Check out my techs that use a synonym as inspect
Mentally badgering emcees with my dialect
When I inject memory cell motors retrospect
To recollect; too genuine skills I resurrect
Directed live from the 2-1-2, 7-1-8, and 5-1-6 area
Throughout borough to borough, state to state, world thorough wide
I ride, driving mass tracks to genocide
Verbal defender, the brain infiltrator
Break and fracture a sucka emcee's "structal" delegator
The pen and the pad and the microphone get blessed
With Nest, with ease now how I digress
Brothers are getting busy grabbing Teks while I apex
Verbal backshots coming without the latex
Watch the caption spin as the wax begin
How I'm rapping in to hit the backspin
Now end first verse in the blend
Herbalise to Resource done done it again
[Chorus x2]
One of the three the Natural R-e to the source
In the b-l-e-n-d
City to city (state to state)
Borough to borough
NYC to worldwide rock thorough
See me and rhymes alike
Tooth to picks
Sides to kicks
Chops to sticks
Seas to sicks
Hard Mr. Bricks
Chest to Vicks
Corruption to politics
Sticks to stones
Stones to sticks
Not opposites flips
Cheese to cakes
Beefs to steaks
Bones to breaks
Decks to tapes
Good food to plates
Movies to dates
Cities to states
Odes to papes
Shaking MCs off their mics like earth to quakes
And now the hand of fate dealt me the higher intellect
Connect verbs, dissect words down to lecterns
W serves as the first repetition
H lines and curves take second position
A plays the third
The fourth brings the T
So hit two times so you get ummmmmmm
One of the three Natural R-e to the source
In the b-l-e-n-d
[Chorus x2]
My verbal attacks react to mental stimulation
I'm leaving gaping contusions caused by lyrical abrasion
No pausing, no waiting
I play the plus and starting to get in, shining like the sun
Lyrical patterns double up on the one
Like the name when expose the flame
I combust like aerosol or kerosene contained
Deaf ears turn the conversation severed
I set it off like Lateef and getting
Debted, forget it, it only happens because you let it
I move, swift tongue sliced crews beheaded
I said it again so let the repetition end
Resource and Herbaliser in the blend
[Chorus x4]

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