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Often lost in thought
Because its unknown territory
Empty heads fill the room I see
I need to breathe, I need to breathe
Thunder claps above me
Lightning dances in front of me
The rain it drenches me
So I take shelter under a tree
Such a nice place to be
Never told a lie, never told a lie
Never told the truth, Never told the truth
Never said a word
I just spoke for the herd
Back on my knees
Awake, I taste the summer breeze
Endless questions torment me
Past the point of insanity, yeah
I may bleed today
Standing up for what I do believe
Suicidal tendencies
No longer, fill me
The universe is inside of me
The stars are shining above me
They radiate astronomically
They are the reason we all stand up straight
Can you feel the light pulsing thru your brain?
Now I stand in awe under a tree
I tread a fine line
A savior awaits on the far side
As the lie begins to blur
One foot trips the other
And then I fall, then I fall
Conscience burning both ends of the fine line
Truth is the most terrible lie of them all
Knowledge adds pain, pain is knowledge
Just burn the brain
Don't take away the summer breeze
Take it all away

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