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Building Glare - lyrics

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The building glare has caught my ear
What a shame we’re standing here
Breathing in more than our lungs allow
You can say you love me less
All I hear are sound effects
I can promise you more than these crowds
Watch the walls fall away
Let the road lead the way
We don’t need a host to make a home
We will be all that each other owns
Go along the beaten path
Where no one ever needs to ask
What separates this from the day before
Higher rise and water views
Don’t just fall in front of you
The less we have will mean there’s always more
I’ll lead you into the standard ground
Where endless air will finally slow down
All that we know can turn the hands around
I will go there if you will lead me
I’ll take we have and say we’ll never leave
I will go there if you will be with me

Lyrics was added by Kelly-H

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