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We left winter behind
Shorter days and long nights
Were all that was holding us back
From people we knew we would find
Open air wears you thin
They say you'll love again
But love's an equation to them
Get out what it is you put in
I will look back
I will hold fast
To this
Your heart beats
For another day
I still believe
You love me
But in a different way
The night falls
The city lay asleep
Among the crowds
We both know
You're my only dream
I'm starting to see
Where we went wrong
The lives that we lead
Will weave on their own
You can't climb so high
And still see the ground
You're on your way up
I'm on my way down
Looking back where we were
There's no way to be sure
Things could have gone other ways
But you follow me to today
We'll take up separate lives
And in the space that divides
A reach for the best of what was
And leave all that wasn't behind
I will look back
I will hold fast
To this

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