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Ave Maria, O Auctrix Vite - lyrics

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Ave Maria
O auctrix vitae,
Reedificando salutem,
Que mortem contrubasti
Et serpentem contrivisti
Ad quem se Eva erexit
erecta cervice
cum sufflatu superbie.
Hunc conculcasti
Dum de cello Filium Dei genuisti
Quem inspiravit
Spiritus Dei
O dulcissima
Arque amantissima mater, salve
Que natum tuum de cello missum
mundo edidisti
Quem inspiravit
Spiritus Dei
Gloria Patri et Filio
Et Spiritui sancto.
Quem inspiravit
Spiritus Dei.

English Translation:
Hail Mary
O source of life
in rebuilding salvation
who have shaken death
and trodden down the serpent
to which Eve reached up
her neck high
With the breath of pride.
You have trampled down that serpent
in giving birth to God's son from heaven.
whom the spirit of God
breathed into you.
O dearest and most loving mother,
who have given to the world
your son sent from heaven,
whom the spirit of God
breathed into you.
Glory to the Father and the son
And the Holy Spirit.
whom the spirit of God
breathed into you.

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