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My first kiss (music Q&A) - lyrics


So I thought to myself the other day
That I should do another Q&A
But I wanted it to be a little different so I put it into a song

So I asked everybody on the internet
For questions that I haven’t answered yet
I’m just wingin’ it, but I will try to sing it
So let’s get started, c’mon

Where and when was my first kiss?
It was weird; I’ll always remember this
Suit and tie, I was dressed like a guy
Backstage in a middle school play

What kind of mom would I be?
Hopefully the kind that mine was for me
But I don’t want a child, ain’t about that lifestyle
But I might change my mind someday
If I could talk to an alien, what would I say?
I’d be like “Oh my god, you’re real!”
Then I’d ask ‘em how they feel about living in outer space

Answering questions is my new obsession
Wanna know if I’d marry you, please?
I’ve already got plans with the girl of my dreams
Answering questions should be my profession
I could do this all day long; putting your questions into a song

How excited are we for the new house?
Pretty stoked, but also really stressed out
Moving was rough since we have a lot of stuff
And there’s still so much to do

Describe my last trip to the dentist
To say the least, it was horrendous
Hadn’t been in years; I was almost in tears
There’s a cavity in every tooth

Who’s sponsoring the video?
Glad you asked, thank you to Audible
With thousands of titles you’ll get a 30-day trial
When you use my link below

They’re the leading provider of audiobooks
Tried it once and instantly I was hooked
If you’re like me, then you probably don’t read
So Audible is the place to go

If I wasn’t on YouTube then what would I do?
A job related to the internet ‘cause I know that’s what I know best
But I haven’t really thought it through

Answering questions is my new obsession
What do I think about this girl’s cat?
Matter of fact, 10 out of 10 I would pet that
Answering questions should be my profession
I could do this all day long; putting you’re questions into a song

If I only had one outfit for the rest of my life
Black on black with a hat would be fine
But I wear that everyday anyway so I’d be alright

People wanna know what my tattoos mean
Good luck, bad luck, in between
And peonies were used to cure bad dreams in the night

A weird thing that I used to do when I was a child?
I had a butterfly named Vladimir and I would take him everywhere
But he’d been dead for a while
(Fun fact, he was dead when I found him)

Answering questions is my new obsession
My favorite thing about Noodle is
Everything ‘cause she’s the greatest cat that’s ever lived
Answering questions should be my profession
Anything else that you want to know, too late ‘cause it’s the end of the video

Lyrics was added by MortusVicier

Video was added by MortusVicier


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