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There is only One - lyrics

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There's only one that deserves our praise
The only one that can take our sin and shame
And throw it all away
He gave His life and He rose again
He paid the price for a debt we could not pay
His love still remains
Pre - Chorus
Stand up and sing His praise
Take off the broken chains
And find your worth
In the light of the Savior
What are we waiting for
The dark is overthrown
So open up your eyes
And see His love
The wonder of His ways
The wonder of His ways
Verse 2
Tell everyone that He's on His way
The King of Kings, yeah, He's coming back again
So lift up His name
His love is strong and His freedom reigns
His Word alive in our hearts for all our days
It won't be contained
We're found in the fullness of His love
We're saved cause our God has overcome
Hold tight to the Everlasting One
Reach out now to Jesus Christ the Son

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