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Yes. Why do we all, seeing of ar, bless him? Bless
Our redcoats, our tars? Boths these being, the greater part,
But frail clay, nay but foul clay. Here i tis: the heart
Since, proud, it calls the calling manly, gives a guess
That, hopes that, makesbelieve, the men must be no less;
It fancies, feigns, deems, dears the artist after his art;
And fain will find as sterling all as al lis smart
And scarlet wear the spirito f war there express
Mark Christ our King. He knows war, served this soldiering through;
He of all can handle a rope best. There he bides in bliss
Now, and seeing somewhere some man do all that man can do
For love he leans forth, needs his neck must fall on, kiss
And cry ‚O Christ-done deed! So God-made-flesh does too:
Were I come o’er again‘ cries Christ „it should be this“.

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The Habit Of Perfection (with Jan Hrubý)