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Call me maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen - Parody - lyrics

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I met this girl
She's so fine
I wish I could call her mine
It's just a matter of time
Until I find my way
I've got my handsome good looks
I even know how to cook
My heart you already took
I will find my way
Your hair is flowing
Short skirt
Legs are showing
Give me chance
And before you know it
You'll be fallin' for me baby!
Hi! My name's Rolanda!
You're such a hottie
Can I kiss you?
I want your body!
Eww.. You're so ugly
You're gross and smelly
Can I kiss you?
I want your body!
Why you no like me?
I so pretty
Can I kiss you?
I want you're body!
Eww! Your face is crooked!
No symmetry!
Please get away now
Don't call me baby!
(Oh my god! What the hill it?)
Is it because of my lips?
Or my enormous rond hips?
I don't know what the problem is
I will find my way!
And what I feel is so real
His heart is the one I will steal
I'll love him til' my last tear
I will find my way!
His body sexy
Nice skin
Can I touch it?
I cannot resist you
Here I go I'm going for it
Hi, my name's Rolanda!
Before I saw you with my eyes
I was so sad
I was so sad
I was so so sad
Then you came into my life
And you changed that
And you know that
I was so so sad

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